Who Are We?

Fair Life Africa Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria. We operate through the establishment of social initiatives which alleviate oppression by ‘empowering people for a fairer life…‘

Our Vision is “to see a more just and equal society in Africa…”

Our Objectives are simply to:

  • enrich the lives of the most impoverished in society;
  • support and empower the most vulnerable members of society, enabling them to live a fair life;
  • effect positive changes in their lives through social initiatives and programs.

Fair Life Africa is internationally endorsed by GlobalGiving (UK and US), TravelGiver and 234Give, where our projects are featured.  We are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and the Lagos State Ministry of Youth, Sports and Social Development (MYSSD).  We are also members of the Nigeria Network of NGOs and the Child Protection Network (an initiative of UNICEF).

What Do We Do?

Through our first initiative, Care Continuity Challenge, we supported children, who had made the streets home, to be reconciled with their family and to have a better, more productive life.  The three names represent three stages in the Initiative.  Care is about reaching out and showing love by providing basic necessities;  Continuity is about securing stability for each child, through reconciliation;  Challenge is about addressing the long term needs of the child, who cannot be reconciled.

Fair Life Africa is now operating a second initiative, Disadvantage to Advantage (D2A!), drawing lessons from the CCC Initiative before it.  Street children are no longer the focus group, but are still beneficiaries of the new programme.  The focus is taken away from rehabilitation to enhancement, as we are targeting children (boys and girls between 9-17 years) with potential, though disadvantaged, to empower towards success!  Ultimately, while CCC Initiative offered terminal interventions, D2A! adopts the children, supporting them, until they become mature and independent, to stand unsupported.