Disadvantage to Advantage!

Through the Disadvantage to Advantage Initiative, Fair Life Africa aims to:

• Seek out children with potential for excellence, who are disadvantaged in society to support;
• ‘Adopt’ these children, and provide them with long-term succour and opportunities for growth (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and academic);
• Enrol children in schools/universities or vocational centres/technical colleges to learn and thrive;
• Groom and guide each child to locate their unique gifts and train them to utilise them for the betterment of themselves and society;
• Mediate between children/youths and societal agencies and structures, to enable them to navigate through the commercial, creative and political world and function successfully.

The project goal is thus summarised:

To identify and support children with potential, but disadvantaged in society, and help them achieve success in life.

At the FLA Home and Office in Lekki, Lagos, we can accommodate eight long-term resident children and four on respite at any given time. Support is given on a case by case basis, knowing that each child is different, and needs different interventions to achieve!