Partner With Us

Thank you so much for visiting our site and considering us for partnership.   We hope that you find something here that resonates with you.

The work we do cannot be sustained without partners.  While our Founding Trustees have done much to fund the organisation and establish our initiatives, our impact and endurance will come from the support we receive from those who agree with our objectives and adopt them as their own, in partnership!

We would be pleased if you would partner with us.  We can do so much more with your help.  The society needs the transformation that comes from our synergy.  Are you ready, willing and able to change the world with us?  Here are just a few avenues:

Support our Worker’s Mite Donor Programme: This is a way that companies (small or big) can help without needing to part with any funds corporately.  As a partner, you are simply enabling your employees to contribute to our cause, straight from their pay, and making it easier for them to give to a cause you both believe in.  There are two ways:

  • Gateway – Basically, you sign up as a partner with Fair Life Africa, and will be featured on our page as a participating organisation.  Your staff will then be able to participate in the programme.  When they sign up, we will contact you to make the deductions and transfer to us at the time you are also paying staff wages.
  • Promoter – This goes a step further, whereby you advertise your partnership with your staff by informing them that you will MATCH their donations to us every month.  This encourages more giving, as they know that you too are committed to the cause, and every donation they make will go further because of your matching contribution.  You can match 50% or 100%.

Direct Sponsorship:    There are a variety of ways that you could sponsor Fair Life Africa Foundation.  Ultimately, we need funds and resources to do our work.  The following sponsorship opportunities are suggested:

  • Child Sponsorship – Sponsor one or more children through their Pathway to Success (N60,000 per quarter per child; N250,000 per year per child);
  • Corporate Partnership – Partner with Fair Life Africa with annual contributions and be featured on all our publications (minimum contribution of N1,200,000 a year);
  • Lump Sum Contributions – Make a one off CSR contribution and be promoted in our publications for a limited term (N100,000 per month);
  • Specific Needs Sponsorship – Sponsor a particular project need, e.g fuel or food consumption;
  • Professional Contributions – Donate your professional services in time or discounted charges;
  • Event Sponsorship – Collaborate with us on an event and be featured in promotional media;
  • Physical Donations of New/Used Items – Contribute useful items, such as a vehicle, computer, generator etc, which can be branded with your organisation’s logo and/or consumable goods.

Endorsement:  By your endorsement, you support our work by allowing us to reach people through you, who may then be able to make donations or partner with us in other ways.  This works in different ways:

Airtime – This could be an allotted time given on the radio or television, or at any organised programme, for Fair Life Africa to speak about our work and solicit donations from listeners.  Event planners, radio and television stations are potential endorsers.

Adverts – This can be short or long, online or offline, one-time or regular adverts in the newspaper, magazine, radio, television, event or internal programmes.  We will prepare the adverts ourselves for you to promote on your platform.

Access – You could grant us access to your establishments to place our leaflets/brochures at strategic places where they can be seen and read,  or permit us to distribute flyers in particular public spaces.  Additionally, we would like to drop our standing banners and donation boxes in your offices, in high traffic areas.

These avenues we have highlighted are not exhaustive.  Any way you feel you can help and make an impact with us, we would appreciate.  We hope that you would also think of us when others are looking for a charitable organisation to support, and direct them to visit  That simple endorsement will make all the difference for us and our beneficiaries!

We have many platforms by which we receive donations, courtesy of our partners at GlobalGiving, TravelGiver, and 234Give.  However, you can simply make a cheque out to Fair Life Africa Foundation or do a transfer to our Guaranty Trust Bank account:

Naira – 0106643687  |  £ – 0107096462  |  $ – 0107096383

Not sure yet?  CONTACT US to know more.