Talent Search Week

Last Christmas, We Discovered Six Amazing Young Talents

Thanks to everyone who joined hands with us and for your continued support in helping these children realise their potentials!

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Meet The Amazing Six!

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Fair Life Africa Foundation, in partnership with Ultima Limited, is hosting a Talent Search Week for disadvantaged but gifted children in Nigeria, this Christmas.

After the commencement of the organisation’s second initiative, Disadvantage to Advantage for Children, which seeks out brilliant and gifted children from among the disadvantaged population to support, the organisation received a lot of referrals for children in need of academic support.  These cases were easy to assess and support, as the children’s school results provided evidence of their abilities academically.  Currently, all 15 children enrolled into the new initiative are under academic sponsorship.



Not many referrals came in from children whose strengths were in other areas apart from academics, however.  Even then, it is hard to assess the level of the skill of those who apply for support in non-academic areas, as there are no clear means to judge and compare them, in order to allocate limited funds.  The Talent Search Competition arose as a solution to this problem.

The aim of the competition is therefore to identify children between the ages of 9 and 17 years, who are gifted or talented in arts, crafts, sports and other vocations, but who are unable to develop their skills or compete with their peers, because of an inherent or structural disadvantage.  Five children will arise as winners of the week-long competition, scheduled for the 14th to the 19th of December, and will be sponsored to enhance these abilities by Fair Life Africa Foundation, through partnership with a corporate body.


We appeal for your support to come alongside us and host this unique initiative, by donating cash, resources or your services.  You could volunteer your time as a mentor, judge, entertainer or trainer, or provide services in catering, photography or support with promotions.  We need more event sponsors to contribute financially to assist with logistical considerations in organising such a big event and a main corporate partner to sponsor the winners going forward.

Please donate to Fair Life Africa Foundation at GTBank, acct 0106643687. 

For enquiries, email contact@fairlifeafrica.org or call 08058711125.




Can you spare your time as a volunteer, trainer, mentor or judge?  Could you contribute financially and invest in the lives of these children?  Do you know someone who would be a great asset, or is interested in sponsoring a child?  There's so much you can do, so don't do nothing! 

About Joshua

Joshua is a 10years old male from Imo state. He lives with his parents and four siblings in a one room rented accommodation in Owode, Ketu...  

About Chidinma

Chidinma is a 9 year old girl from Imo state. She is an only child, and lives with her mother and aunty’s family in a three bedroom temporary accommodation (Government allocation after being driven from Maroko) in Jakande, Lekki...

About Favour

Favour is a 14 year old girl from Delta state. She lives with her parents and four siblings in a room and parlour rented accommodation in Olodi - Apapa...



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