Worker’s Mite Donor Programme

Worker’s Mite is a Donor Programme based on the understanding that many people would like to give, but often don’t get round to it when their pay cheque comes, because of all the demands on them.

We understand that you may not be able to give N5,000 every month, or even N2,000 without prompting. This programme allows you to give as much or as little as you can from your salary every month, before you get the cheque – straight from your employer!

This is a one-time registration made easy by the partnership between Fair Life Africa and your employer. So you can sit back, and know that you’re giving your worker’s mite and making the world a better place with your small but regular contributions!


These are the employers that are currently part of the programme.

FairLife Png small
Fair Life Africa Foundation
Standard Alliance Group
Standard Alliance Insurance

Don’t see your employer?  NOMINATE your company to participate.