Chronicles of a Social Worker – Part One

Chronicles of a Social Worker is an interesting series written by Chukwuemeke Ndego, to illustrate the dynamics and complexities of our work, in a way that is captivating and inspiring.


As I stand at the bus stop, bag in one hand and the other clutching the end of my flowery skirt in a bid to prevent it from touching the ground as patches of water sits here and there, a lot of thoughts race through my mind especially about the events for the day.

It’s been raining cats and dogs lately and today’s early morning weather doesn’t seem to hide its intent of a possible outpour. Maybe it will, later in the day or maybe not, if the sun decides to shine its gentle face. Whichever way, like the boys scout motto, I’m always prepared with my umbrella fitting gently inside my bag. It isn’t just a fashion item to compliment my dress sense as it also allows me carry children’s data and assessment forms needed for the job. Speaking of my job, I am a social worker and I work with Fair Life Africa Foundation.

After a long wait, a bus finally arrives and the usual street urchins popular called “Agberos” swoops in on the arriving bus as a hungry predator attacks its prey in the jungle. I observe, amidst the usual struggle for a space, the typical friendly gesture of the bus conductor in managing the scene as he offers his morning “offering” leaving them with a smile…