Operating Since January 2011

Corporate Profile

Our Mission

FAIR LIFE AFRICA is a progressive, humanitarian organisation.  It is committed to the mission of empowering people through practical social initiatives and programs.  It stands for a fairer life for all people, by improving the life chances of the most disadvantaged.  It serves people of all faiths, races, gender and any other orientation, without discrimination.  It will promote the values of social inclusion and empowerment, by commissioning research and social awareness schemes that will inform social policies and attitudes.



To enrich the lives of the most impoverished in society;



To support and empower the most vulnerable members of society, enabling them to live a fair life;



To effect positive changes in their lives through social initiatives and programs.

“We do it for the kids, we do it for the world, we do it for you...”

Ufuoma Emerhor, CEO of Fair Life Africa Foundation

Home Visits

Months after reconciling the boys with their families, we visited with provisions.

Two Boys

Joined us as we went on the radio to talk about life on the streets and FLA's intervention.

We Started With The

CCC Initiative

Care Continuity Challenge Initiative was the first initiative of Fair Life Africa Foundation.  It was focused on street children, providing first CARE, then CONTINUITY (which is rehabilitation), and addressing the CHALLENGEs in their lives, to enable them stay off the streets for good.


We ran a three-month pilot programme, which supported nine children, before opening our home for an academic year to 12 children we had accessed so we could reunite them with their families.  However, the initiative was discontinued as the outcomes didn’t encourage additional funding.

We Continued With The

Disadvantage To Advantage Initiative

The Plan

The programme is divided into four main pathways to success.  These are:


THE ACADEMIC – Academically bright children will be encouraged and empowered to complete their education, and ultimately supported into employment, to become independent and successful;


THE APPRENTICE – Capable children with skills in one or more vocation, who may not be academically strong, will be encouraged and empowered to develop their vocational skills and achieve relevance;


THE ARTIST – Talented children with artistic gifts will be enabled to perfect their talents, while still encouraged to develop other skills and complete their education, to achieve their potential and succeed;


THE ATHLETE – Children talented in sports will be enabled to grow their abilities, while still encouraged to develop other skills and complete their education, in order to achieve their potential and succeed

Our Goal

To identify and support children with potential, but disadvantaged in society, and help them achieve success in life.

Our Approach

Fair Life Africa will be a medium, a facilitator and a benefactor to children within the community, who require assistance to defeat an inherent or structural disadvantage

Our Strategy

We will collaborate with families, government and non-governmental agencies, as well as corporate bodies to provide the necessary support to each child.
Percentage of Non-Academic Cases
Percentage of Secondary School Graduates
Percentage of Beneficiaries in Higher Education

We Are Looking To Grow Our Team

We are looking for skilled professionals, mostly in the technology and social relations fields, to join our able team and help us achieve our objectives.

Our Directors

Olorogun O'tega Emerhor (OON)

Founding Director and Chairman

Ufuoma Emerhor

Founding Director and CEO

Olorogun John Onojeharho

Founding Director and Trustee

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Past Collaborations

Valentine's Brunch

Airtel sponsored our first ever Valentine’s Brunch in February 2015. 

Talent Search

We partnered with Ultima Limited to host a Talent Search Programme in 2015.

Christmas Party

InterSwitch Nigeria sponsored our Christmas party in December 2016! It was so much fun!

Children's Day 2017

We collaborated with NDDC in 2017 to host a special Children’s Day event in Delta.

Summer Camp

We partnered with African Clean Up Initiative (ACI) Nigeria during our Summer Programme in 2018.

COVID-19 Relief

We partnered with Sage Foundation to distribute palliatives to 125 families in need in June 2020.

Standard Alliance Building, Providence Street, Lekki 1, Lagos

+234 809 283 2745

+234 805 871 1125