Recap Of Summer Programme – Blessed To Bless

This year’s Summer Programme started on the 6th of August and ran for one week.  The kids arrived early on Monday and had breakfast by 9am.  FLA Volunteer, Mrs Obioma, taught the children about the importance of giving back to society and the different ways they could make their contributions.  FLA Kid, Ramon, gave an introduction to arts (drawing), his specialty.  He also showed them how to do designs with paper.

The African Clean Up Initiative Team, led by Alex Akhigbe, arrived early on Tuesday morning to sensitize the children about the importance of keeping a clean environment and their personal social responsibilities in that regard.  After the talk and receiving appropriate protective gear, they went out into the Gbara community and cleaned up with environment with the help of the FLA Team, ACI Team and Volunteers.  The kids were happy and hardworking!

On Wednesday, Mr Nathaniel and Ms Chiamaka from the Mental Health Foundation, came in to give a talk about “Depression and Anxiety”, and how it affects kids, teenagers and young adults.  Afterwards, they were taken on an excursion to the Cinema and watched the movie Skyscraper, which they all enjoyed thoroughly.  They were given popcorn and drinks and enjoyed taking photographs at the complex.

Mr Nathaniel returned on Thursday, with Ms Chiamaka, to give a talk about “Drugs and Alcohol Abuse and Peer Pressure.”  They followed that up with a session on Sex Education.  After lunch, the children had an Arts and Crafts class with Mrs Obioma.  They learnt how to make customised pen holders, head bands, head bows and wrist bands with ankara fabrics.

On Friday, the children set off early to visit Regina Mundi Home for the Elderly at Idioro, Mushin.  They took along a bag of rice, two cartons of noddles and three 5ltr bottles of cooking oil to share with the residents.  The residents gave the children a welcome address, expressing how happy they were to have them visit the home.  They also gave the children some words of wisdom from their own experiences and advised them for the future.  The children also asked questions, and enjoyed a good discussion with the older generation.

On Saturday, FLA Volunteer, Ike, came around to give the children a talk about “Reaching Beyond Expectations and Stereotypes”, which they appreciated.  Afterwards, the kids went to the beach and had a fun-filled day, playing football and generally relaxing.  In the evening, they enjoyed a movie night.

On Sunday, FLA Volunteer, Tola, came around to give a talk about “Financial Empowerment and Building a Career Path”.  She explained to the kids how to research different careers, how they can observe and determine what career best suits their personality and building on it from a youthful age, as well as how to be financially empowered/independent.

After a relaxing day, the kids were given bags donated by La Roche Leadership Foundation, with pencils, pens and notebooks (for the new school session).  They bags were also filled with uncooked rice, malt drink, caprisonne, biscuits, wafers and noodles for the kids to take away.

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