About Damilola

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"I want to be a Hair Stylist!"

Hi, my name is Damilola.  I am from Ondo state.  I live in Ajegunle, Lagos, with my parents and three siblings.  My favourite subjects are English Language and Mathematics. I love to dance, sing and read, and I’m also good at bead-making and tailoring.  When I grow up, I want to be an international hair stylist.  I’d love to work in America.

I am one of the lucky ones!  I have a super-awesome sponsor!

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Recent Updates

21-03-20 Her school was closed as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic.
23-04-20 Damilola came back to Lagos because of the lock down.
18-05-20 Damilola started learning hairdressing vocation and studies on her own to keep up with school work.
24-06-20 Damilola’s mom visited the FLA Center to pick up the COVID-19 food provisions and toiletries donated by SAGE Foundation.
21-07-20 Damilola was contacted.  She’s fine at home, and learning hair dressing.  She also studies after her trainings. 
14-08-20 Damilola was contacted.  She was encouraged to keep up with her studies.
14-09-20 Damilola’s resumption is delayed due to the Ondo State elections.



Updated Financial Accounts   —    Latest Academic Results



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