About Ekene

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"I want to be a Software Engineer!"

Hi, I’m Ekene and I’m from Ebonyi state.  I live with my parents and 3 siblings in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.  I have now graduated from Senior Secondary School and I’m looking to enter University.  I love Information Technology and Basketball.  When I grow up, I want to be a software engineer or basketballer for the NBA.

My mother is a teacher and she’s been the only one taking care of the needs of our family, since my father’s awful accident years ago.  Without Fair Life Africa’s help, I may not have finished school.  I am so happy to have a sponsor who believes in me and is supporting me to achieve my potential.

I feel lucky!  And I’m ready to make my sponsor proud!

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Recent Updates

23-04-20 Ekene stayed home because of the lock down, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
30-04-20 He got 175 In his JAMB Examination.
24-06-20 Ekene’s mom visited the FLA Center to pick up the COVID-19 food provisions and toiletries donated by SAGE Foundation.
29-07-20 Ekene was contacted at home.  His mom said he’s fine.  He’s still awaiting university admission.
04-08-20 Ekene was ill but he’s now better.
20-08-20 Ekene’s fine at home.  He’s still waiting on word on the sale of Post UME for his school of choice.
21-09-20 Ekene’s yet to sit for his Post UME



Updated Financial Accounts   —    Latest Academic Results



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