About Ramon

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"I love reading and drawing"

Ramon is from Oyo state. He is an orphan who lives with his 3 siblings in a room and parlour family house at Ajegunle- Apapa, where they share amenities such as kitchen, toilet and bathroom with other neighbours. He has completed secondary school and is now enrolled in University, studying Art.  Ramon’s first elder brother is a muslim cleric while his second elder brother is an Apprentice, learning how to make furniture.  He wants to be an Artist in future.

Ramon was one of the six winners of the Fair Life Africa Talent Search Competition 2015!  He was awarded a five-year sponsorship to develop his craft.

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Recent Updates

17-01-20 Ramon was visited in school for his 1st semester results.
16-02-20 Ramon attended the FLA Valentine Brunch at Foodies Lekki.
07-03-20 Ramon came to the FLA Centre for a special talk with the CEO.
20-03-20 His school was closed due to the Corona virus Pandemic.
02-06-20 He is improving on his Artwork, and attends online classes for school.
24-06-20 Ramon’s brother visited the FLA Center to pick up the COVID-19 food provisions and toiletries donated by SAGE Foundation.



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