About Sulaiman

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"I want to be an Administrator!"

My name is Sulaiman.  I live with my family at Sango Ota.  Fair Life Africa found my brother on the street and brought him home in 2013.  After that, we heard that Pinefield’s Schools wanted to help with our education, and I and my brothers were so happy!  My parents have struggled to provide for all of us, but their support really made the difference in our family.  Now, I am going to university, with support from La Roche Leadership Foundation, and my future is bright.  When I grow up, I want to become an administrator of an oil and gas company and enjoy my life.

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Recent Updates

23-03-20 His school closed as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic.
23-04-20 Sulaiman came back to Lagos because of the lock down.
12-05-20 He started learning the electrical work/vocation. 
24-06-20 Sulaiman’s dad visited the FLA Center to pick up the COVID-19 food provisions and toiletries donated by SAGE Foundation.
16-07-20 Sulaiman was contacted.  He said he’s fine and has been training to be an electrician.
25-08-20 Sulaiman is fine.  He says he studies after his trainings.
14-09-20 Sulaiman is yet to resume school. 

01-10-20 Sulaiman’s waiting for the settlement of his bill to resume university.



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